The Leap Of Fake Montblanc – Miraculous UK Replica Montblanc MB R100 Movements

Since 2007, Montblanc had become the owner of the Minerva movement factory, every year, it would produced the masterpieces which are overachieved, the precious replica Montblanc Villeret 1858 series, the MB R100/200 movement in 2008, the Mysterious Tourbillon in 2009 and this year’s “Metamorphosis”, what the products of a top watch factory had owned, Montblanc all with them, the antique watches, the homemade movement, the complex function and the concept watches, they are all scored in just a few years, and it seems effortless.

MB R100 Series

Although after the Minerva was given to fantastic Montblanc copy watches, besides responsible for providing antique movements, also acted as the R&D center, but MB R100 series has little relation with Minerva, the design of the movement and the creating of the parts mainly took charge by Val Fleurier.


Disc Timing Display

The greatest feature of the appearance of MB R100 series is the disc, however, it should be the watches design, the structure of the movement is still the second timing wheel, just changing the pointers to disk.


Unique Gear Train

The gear train of the MB R100 series is very interesting, with five line above the balance wheel gear; In fact, in addition to the balance wheel, we see from the positive (dorsal) movement is the timing gear train. The gear train was walking in the main substrate and timing gear train between the lower level of substrate, if not dismantle the movement from the side, we can only see the corner of the barrel.

The Recommendation Of The Replica Montblanc Watches With MB R100 Movements

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The Guide Of UK Precious Replica Montblanc Watches For The New Year

A good watch let a person fondle admiringly, on the one hand, for its exquisite and charming appearance, on the other hand, for its accurate and reliable performance. However, really wanted to appreciate the aesthetic feeling of watchmaking skills, the movement is its essence, just like like a person, if only with the beautiful and handsome appearance, without an exquisite and beautiful heart, that can’t let a person love deeply. A good watch is a real masterpiece, some designed for a special day, some designed for personality, or just the limited edition.

People wearing a watch that revealed the his desires and taste and also implicitly showed the life style and attitude.

In the New Year, we’d particularly recommend everybody two finalists Montblanc replica limited edition which are shortlisted in the GPHG 2016.


The Best Chronograph Shortlisted Watches – Elegant Fake Montblanc 1858 Chronograph Tachymeter Limited Edition

This delicate fake Montblanc 1858 series drew the inspiration from the single button chronograph in 1930s, and also blended a series of retro design elements equipping with the MB M16.29 manual-winding movement which is one of the most exquisite works of the Villeret that given the classic chronograph the new modern style.


The Best Sports Shortlisted Watches – Fantastic Copy Montblanc TimeWalker ExoTourbillon Minute Chronograph Limited Edition

Montblanc firstly drew the one minute tourbillon into the copy Montblanc TimeWalker series that launched the black leather strap fake watches which incisively and vividly interpreting the “pioneering spirit” that Montblanc always has been received and also created the modern sporty style with the complex practical function.

Exquisite UK Fake Montblanc Villeret Tourbillon Cylindrique Geosphères Vasco da Gama 111675 Watches

Montblanc Villeret factory adhered the indomitable vanguard spirit to salute to the valuable wealth that leaved to people of one of the greatest explorers. Over the past 157 years, innovation, precise and bold style led all the watchmaker of Villeret factory to concentrate to the traditional watchmaking all the way just like starting its historic expedition when leading the fleets of Vasco da Gama.


With the unique techniques and strictly following original manual production of the Swiss traditional technology, making the Montblanc Villeret factory more unique and there is nowhere to find such a factory that can pour the infinite passion to the technique.


Now, the rose gold case fake Montblanc Villeret Tourbillon Cylindrique Geosphères Vasco da Gama 111675 watch is the latest achievement of the terra incognita of watchmaking world for them, it is an unprecedented chronograph, with the unique triple indicator time zone. Read more on